Responsible  Poster number Poster Title Authors
Marta Brylinska 1,1 Characterization of different methods of mating type determination in Phytophthora infestans
Vincent Cesar 1,2 Phenotypic and Genotypic characteristics of Belgian isolates of Phytophthora infestans in 2013-2016
Roselyne Corbiere 1,3 Monitoring French populations of Phytophthora infestans 2013-2016 on potato reveals local changes in genotypic structures R. Corbière, C. Chatot, R. Mabon, D. Gaucher, F. Aurousseau, A. Barbary, P. Laty, D. Andrivon
Roselyne Corbiere 1,4 Variable temperature response in Algerian Phytophthora infestans EU_23_A1 isolates from tomato S. Belkhiter, H. Khedidji, A. Krimi, R. Mabon, R. Corbière, D. Andrivon, Z. Bouznad
David Cooke 1,5 Structure of Phytophthora infestans populations in Northwestern Algeria during 2008-2014 Rekad, F.Z., Cooke, D.E.L., Cacciola, S.O., Puglisi, I., Randall, E., Evoli, M., Guenaoui, Y., Bouznad, Z.
Steven Kildea 1,6 Screening Irish Phytophthora infestans populations for mutations associated with CAA resistance
Liudmila Kokaeva 1,7 Potato and bittersweet nightshade (Solanum dulcamara L.) leaves associated mycobiota
Neda Najdabbasi 1,8 Phenotypic characterization of Phytophthora infestans isolates in North-Western Russia
Omar Abderrahmane 2,1 Epidemiological risk factors of late blight in potato crops in Algeria
Ivette Acuña 2,2 Late Blight Forecasting in Chile Acuña, I. R. Bravo, M. Vargas and J. Gatica
Louise Aldén 2,3 Experiences of Decision Support Systems in the Swedish Potato Field Trials for Phytophthora infestans 2011-2016 L. Aldén, A. Gerdtsson
Mladen Cucak 2,4

Lowering thresholds of qualitative plant risk prediction algorithms: sensitivity versus specificity of Irish Rules for potato late blight development

M. Cucak, A. H. Sparks, R. Fealy, D. Griffin, K. Lambkin, S. Kildea
Florencia Lucca 2,5 Moving forward against potato late blight in Argentina
Alison Lees 2,6 SMARTSPRAY: Optimised Detection and Control of Potato Blight: Sensing Pathogens to Inform Smart Spray Decisions
Alison Lees 2,7 To make cultivar resistance durable, spray fungicide Kevin Carolan, Ruairidh Bain, Alison Lees, David Cooke, Faye Ritchie, Neil Paveley, Frank van den Bosch
Peter Skelsey 2,8 BLIGHTSENSE - Development of a rapid biosensor system for in-field detection of P. infestans
Pieter Vanhaverbeke 2.9 Potato late blight: managing the risk with up-to-date and field specific information
Zouaoui Bouznad  3,1 Assessment of potato varieties for foliar late blight resistance in Algerian field trials in relationship to Phytophthora infestans genotype L. Beninal, H. Khedidji, A. Krimi, F. Amirouche, R. Corbiere, A. Kedad, M. Keddam, D. Andrivon and Z. Bouznad*)
Oksana Fadina 3,2 Late blight resistance genes in complex interspecific potato hybrids OKSANA A. FADINA, MARIYA P. BEKETOVA, MARIYA A. KUZNETSOVA, ELENA V. ROGOZINA, EMIL E. KHAVKIN
Manuela Hermeziu 3,3 Occurrence and evolution of potato late blight on some varieties and the influential factors in 2014-2015, Brasov, Romania Manuela HERMEZIU, Maria IANOŞI, Daniela DONESCU, Carmen CHELMEA, R. HERMEZIU
Romain Mabon 3,4 Niche-exclusion in the field: the result from competition between generalist and specialist clonal lineages in the Irish Famine pathogen Phytophthora infestans? A. Kroner, R. Mabon, R. Corbiere, J. Montarry, D. Andrivon
Ekaterina Sokolova 3,5 Pathogenicity of P. infestans strains vs. resistance of colonized potato hybrids: can we understand pathogen-host adaptation by appraising the profiles of Avr genes vs. R gene pyramids? E. A. Sokolova , M. A. Kuznetsova, T. I. Ulanova, A. N. Rogozhin , T. I. Smetanina , V. N. Demidova , M. P. Beketova, O. P. Malyuchenko , Ya. I. Alekseev , E. V. Rogozina , E. E. Khavkin 
Ruairidh Bain 4,1 Foliar late blight development in the UK in relation to EuroBlight fungicide efficacy ratings
Natalia Statsyuk 4,2 Revus Top: an efficient tool to control late and early blight of potato Maria Kuznetsova
Huub Schepers 4,3 Tomato disease control strategies and costs in Tanzania
Natalia Statsyuk 4,4 Efficiency of a Ranman Top use to control potato late blight under epiphytotic conditions in Russia
Nicolas Vuille-dit-Bille 4,5 Using Pseudomonas interactions and their potential synergistic effect for sustainable potato protection against Phytophthora infestans
Sjef van der Heijden 4,6

Mancozeb: An Essential Tool for Sustainable Protection of Potato Against Early Blight and Late Blight

Sjef van der Heijden, Jean-Jacques Heller, UPL Europe Ltd; Serge Duvauchelle, Engineer of Agronomy, Consultant, France
Isaac Abuley 5,1 *The influence of crop rotation and cultivar resistance on the occurrence of early blight (Alternaria solani)
Jovana Blagojevic 5,2 *Monitoring of the SDHI Mutations of A. solani in Serbia

Jovana Blagojević and Žarko Ivanović 

Hans Hausladen 5,3 Studies about infection of different Alternaria solani isolates on Solanum tuberosum, Lycopersicon esculentum and Solanum nigrum
Zarko Ivanovic 5,4 *Incidence of the F129L mutation in Serbian A. solani population Žarko Ivanović and Jovana Blagojević 
Jerzy Osowski 5,5 *Results of the monitoring of fungus of Alternaria genus in potato crops
Jan Spoelder 5,6 *Digital diagnostics of early blight and other symptoms on potato
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