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EuroBlight workshop in Aarhus


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Potato blight tracking in Europe

2017.04.28 | Research news

A team of researchers examining the ongoing evolution of the European population of the potato late blight pathogen now report on the 2016 data. Over 1600 samples were genotyped from 26 countries and entered into the EuroBlight database. More than 70% of the samples were of defined clonal lineages that have been observed in previous seasons. Some…

AsiaBlight Update: Request to EuroBlight members August 2016 from Louise Cooke

2016.08.11 | EuroBlight

We ask members of the EuroBlight network to help in identifying contact people who might assist in FTA card sampling of P. infestans from late blight lesions in the following countries: Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar & Pakistan

Potato blight tracking in Europe - 2013-2015

2016.05.30 | EuroBlight

A team of researchers tracking the 2015 population of the potato late blight pathogen have added to the 2013 and 2014 data to provide three years of data on the spatial pattern of pathogen genetic diversity that visualises the distribution and diversity of dominant clones and reveals novel genetically diverse isolates in some regions.

After the workshop in Brasov, Romania 13- 15 May, 2015

EuroBlight Fungicide Table

EuroBlight evaluate the effectiveness of fungicide products/co-formulations for the control of P. infestans based on the highest rate registered in Europe. These ratings are the opinion of the Fungicides Sub-Group, and are based on field experiments and experience of the products performance when used in commercial conditions.

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Fungicide evaluation to rate efficacy to control leaf late blight for the EuroBlight table. Results 2006 - 2015 here NEW 3 June 2016

Fungicide evaluation to rate efficacy to control tuber blight for the Euroblight table. Results 2009-2011. here

Find the proceedings from the Limassol workshop in 2013 and previous workshops since 1996 here

EuroBlight statement, Brasov, 2015 here

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